The Soul Born For Originality

Tekni, with a warm and persistent Eastern temperament, it seeks original designs from the birthplace of the Renaissance, pursuing a refined and high-quality aesthetic of life.

Perfectly integrating Montis from the Netherlands, Joquer and KOO from Spain, Artisan and Prostoria from Eastern Europe, BENSEN from Italy, and Elwood from Taiwan.

This is the sentiment of Tekni's founder, and it is also a sincere dedication.

We aim to enhance your quality of life through modern art-inspired designs and a welcoming service experience that makes you feel at home.

Currently, Tekni experience hall have been established in Taiwan, Shanghai, Xi'an, Kuala Lumpur, and other locations, and we are continuously expanding.

Carefully selected modern-style imported furniture brands.


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Says Who

A studio formed by designers Nicola and Casper in Denmark. They have a deep passion for Scandinavian design and create furniture designs for international brands and manufacturers. Their design style is minimalist, functional, and full of personality. Their strength lies not only in excellent design but also in their ability to understand and address the needs of their clients.


Salih Teskeredžić

An internationally renowned designer based in Bosnia, his design works have achieved success in many European countries, with offices in Vienna and Sarajevo. His works have been exhibited at almost all major European trade fairs and have had solo exhibitions in Vienna and Sarajevo, earning numerous local and international awards.


Michael Schneider

He established the designchneider studio in Cologne in 1993, specializing in furniture design, exhibition design, and research on design trends. With a wide range of international clients, his design style is unique, aesthetically pleasing, and practical.


Karim Rashid

His extensive portfolio includes works in home and office decoration, museums, and galleries, earning him over 300 international awards. He has designed over 3,000 fashion items, interior designs, furniture, lighting, art, and music-related works—making him one of the most important designers of our time.


Zoran Jedrejčić

An industrial designer with a degree from Split and an Italian background. He collaborated with the master Ettore Sottsass for seven years before opening his own design studio in Milan. He has designed works for numerous global brands, including 3M, Dada Cucine, Fratelli Guzzini, Molteni & C, Nambe', Segis, and has won numerous design awards. His works have been exhibited in renowned museums such as MAK Wien, ICA Boston, Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Tokyo Ozone Center.


Ruđer Novak-Mikulić & Marija Ružić

These are young designers based in Croatia who started collaborating while studying design in Zagreb. Their works have participated in numerous important exhibitions and have received renowned international awards. Their design projects encompass industrial, graphic, interior, and multimedia design.


Ado Avdagić

The founder of "Avado," born in Tuzla in 1970, is engaged in furniture and interior design. He excels in combining shapes inspired by natural elements and is committed to showcasing the relationship between humans, nature, and space. His designs also prioritize functionality, making his works convincing both in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics. He is a frequent participant in international exhibitions.